Graduate School

Admission Policies

The Graduate School of Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University aims to contribute to the society by training specialists with the potential to respond to complex societal demands. This includes better research standards and the capacity to deal with the effects of the technological revolution on veterinary studies, veterinary nursing studies, and life sciences. Furthermore, it intends to inculcate the fundamental educational principles of the institution and attempts to facilitate the attainment of its objectives. Thus, the School seeks students both from Japan and abroad possessing the following qualities:

  • (1) Individuals with the potential to present relevant objectives and those who possess a clear sense of purpose for veterinary studies, veterinary nursing studies, or life sciences research.

  • (2) Individuals demonstrating a keen interest in contemporary research developments and a desire to contribute to scientific advancement.

  • (3) Individuals who show reverence for life ethics and possess the necessary intelligence, scientific knowledge, and logic.

  • (4) Individuals demonstrating proficiency in the foreign languages and information sciences that are necessary for the interactions with the international community.

  • (5) Individuals possessing excellent communication skills with the ability to work in a team.