Doctoral and Master’s courses in Veterinary Nursing and Technology

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“Doctoral and Master’s Courses in Veterinary Nursing and Technology” covers a wide range of research areas related to animal health and welfare, based on veterinary nursing, which has recently become a national certification. The 2-year master’s program offers two areas, such as “Clinical Sciences for Veterinary Nursing” and “Biosciences for Veterinary Technology”, while the 3-year doctoral program offers an “Advanced Veterinary Nursing and Technology”.

After completing the prescribed credits and dissertations, students can obtain a master’s or doctoral degree in veterinary nursing and technology.

Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University is the first university that established “School of Veterinary Nursing and Technology” for bachelors in Japan. When the first graduates came out, we established the graduate school and began the graduate education for veterinary nurses. As of 2023, the number of graduates with master and/or PhD degrees has already exceeded 100, and they are active in various fields of society. In particular, they are in great demand in training institutes of veterinary nurses, and many of our graduates are involved in education and research at universities. Recently, new schools of veterinary nursing and technology are being established one after another across Japan in response to the national certification of veterinary nurses, and a PhD degree is required to become a university faculty member. Currently, we are the only graduate school that offers PhD degree in veterinary nursing and technology. We believe that it is our mission to produce a large number of master’s and doctoral degree holders to meet the rapidly increasing needs throughout Japan.

Veterinary Nursing and Technology is a young research area that is just leaving a harbor. We would like to do our best to welcome students with a passion for studying together with us as pioneers of this new frontier.

April 1st, 2023