School of Food Science and Technology

The School of Food Science and Technology is a school in which students can learn systematically about matters such as the stable supply, safety, and functionality of food. Through four years of learning, “Food Specialists” are trained. In an advanced and comprehensive manner, they acquire scientific and accurate knowledge and sound judgment about food, and knowledge and techniques concerning food, such as preventive medicine and health maintenance, processing food materials, effective use of resources through biotechniques, and food production, distribution, and economics.

There are five domains of learning. The domain of “Dietetics” deeply investigates the palatability and safeness of food. The domain of “Food Functions” deeply investigates the nutrition of food and biological regulation function. The domain of “Life Science for Food” deeply investigates the chemistry and technology, such as biotechnology, related to the production of food material. The domain of “Food Economics and Business Administration” deeply investigates the distribution and economics of food. The domain of “Food Processing and Storage” deeply investigates the processing and storage of food.

In this school, students can obtain qualifications for Food Sanitation Supervisors and Food Sanitation Inspectors (both are appointment qualifications) by earning the required credits, and there are graduates who make the most of the qualifications and work as public officials or employees at food companies. In addition, students are becoming more likely to proceed to graduate school in recent years, gaining interest in research through preparing their graduate thesis in their affiliate laboratory.